Did Conan O’Brien just slam Final Cut Pro X?

OK, I need your opinions on this. I’m a huge fan of Final Cut and after hearing that Final Cut Pro X is cheaper than Final Cut Pro ($299.99) AND you the rendering is done in real time (i.e. no more “I think I’ll go take an hour bath while this thing renders), I saw this via Matthieu

I’m crying inside and hope it’s just LIES, silly LIES


have you tested it yet??

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11 responses to “Did Conan O’Brien just slam Final Cut Pro X?

  1. On a more useful note, I’ve read a lot of very negative reviews, including on the software’s page on Apple site. So I would wait a bit if I was you. Maybe they’ll fix it.

  2. Actually FCPX is pretty good and very innovative, but you really have to forget FCP, this piece of software has nothing in common. I really hated my 2-3 first hours with FCPX but once you really get into it, you kind of see the future of editing (but you kind of feel dirty, like cheating on FCP :p). It’s maybe the first “real” revolution Apple did these couple of years… time will tell

  3. never tied either but it does look like a good bashing to me. ^^

  4. Here’s another pretty damning response… How Hitler Reacts to FCPX :p

  5. well editing is my work and with my colleagues we are still wondering if we should love it or burn it…
    and I’m a FCP fan (and Avid hater)
    I’ll wait and see…

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