Speak the Language

One of the first rules you learn about being an anthropologist is that you have to integrate yourself into the culture. This means: speak the language, partake in their customs, live with the natives, etc etc etc. They always warn you of course, though, “just…don’t go..native (shudder)”.

I have to speak the language huh? Agreed in the sense that you have to be able to understand what’s being said so that you, in turn, can reply and partake in conversations. What then, does this mean for social media tools like Twitter? “Speak the language” was one of the tips listed by the great Chris Brogan, who, in the land of Twitter, would be like a Big Man in egalitarian societies, leading by influence and charisma as opposed to force. But does “speak the language” mean know how to RT, @, DM, or does it mean you have to call everybody you like a “rockstar”?

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