Why my own blog, why now ?

Up until now I have started a couple of blogs, mostly just to keep up with friends and family while I was travelling, but could never seem to keep it up. What, then, prompted me to decide all of the sudden that now was the time to start yet another one?

Working as a Community Manager.

Offline, I’m known to be outgoing and social, always wanting to include others in the conversation at hand and be included, as well, but being a Community Manager without my own voice left me feeling  a little bit lost. When I first started as CM, I focused on the corporate Twitter, blog, brand monitoring, etc. but completely forgot to include my own voice in the picture. I would often see conversations pop up that I wanted to participate in but, behind the corporate mask, felt it would be inappropriate to do so. I certainly didn’t want to confuse people by carrying on conversations.

And so, now, I present to you my very own personal blog on which I aim to encourage dialogue not only about community management but also about my other interests with regards to marketing: social media, international marketing, crowdsourcing, guerrilla marketing, flash mobbing, etc. It is a reflection on who I am, what I see, and hopefully a reflection of those who visit, as well.



2 responses to “Why my own blog, why now ?

  1. Thank you for your warm welcome. And I like very much the title of your blog 🙂

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