The new face of murketing is a pink skater bunny

Murketing is one of my favorite words that was coined by Rob Walker in his book, Buying In, that I constantly see exemplified in day-to-day life.

Marketers have become ingenuous at inserting images and symbols into everyday life that is so specific that it only reaches their target market while other passers-by, well..pass by. These products aren’t marketed mainstream and their tactics are more subtle. They reach out to brand ambassadors that are influential within that specific community, even though they may be completely unknown outside of it. When a target consumer for that brand “happens” upon the product in an obscure store, it’s as if they’ve found gold.

Case in point? I didn’t even know the t-shirt I have been wearing to the gym is a skateboarding t-shirt…

Photo du 45800970-09- à 12.43…until a skateboarder said, “nice shirt”.

Thanks, man.

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