Why do I think measuring social media is important?

As a community manager, I have been playing around with some of the newest vidéo-editing Tools (and want to say thanks to @debutersurmac for her tutorial vidéos on Final Cut 4 !)

I would also like to thank Synthesio for  accompanying me in my understanding of social media (going on 5 months now) and my exploration of this media as an observing participant.

So, without further delay, here is the latest video that I made showing my own point of view on measuring social media.

As you’ll be able to see, I am a goof in real life, and well, just couldn’t help sharing it 😉

I look forward to your questions and comments. Enjoy !

15 responses to “Why do I think measuring social media is important?

  1. Well done, Michelle. Extremely creative and fun. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of attention with this approach! Congratulations.

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  3. Michelle,

    It looks like you had a lot of fun with those new tools! I think, while effectively making the case for the necessity of social media measurement, you also indirectly made the point that use of social media needs to be ENGAGING. I don’t generally pay much attention past the first few seconds of video (Hardee’s A-holes vs. B-holes being one of the exceptions) but your combo of goofy and informative kept me to the end. I wish more companies would come to that realization, and stop thinking that just by throwing some random garbage out on YouTube, they’re succeeding in the social media world! Thumbs up….

  4. Nice Vid! You nailed it when explaining the stages of what a companies’ strategy should be concerning embracing social media.

    BTW, we have the exact tool Michelle is describing 🙂

    Michael Fraietta

  5. Hi Michelle,

    Congratulations in every sec!!!

    Thank you 🙂

  6. Thumbs up Michelle !

    This is just truly engaging as written before by Brian.

    Well, if you would like to create a partnership with TechTocTv, we would be extremely happy to give you your own channel.

    Just let us know and bravissimo for this great job

  7. Hello,

    Great video 🙂

    Bon résumé du pourquoi du comment 🙂 En plus, le fait que tu présente TA vision donne une valeur ajoutée par rapport à certains articles sur le sujet.

    Et très bon blog dans son ensemble!

    A bientôt !

    • Merci Camille,
      Disons que c’est vrai que ma vision de la mesure des médias sociaux n’est pas venue toute seule! C’est grâce à tous les internautes qui parlent de l’e-Réputation et de son importance que j’ai pu avoir cette idée (et je t’inclus, bien évidemment!). Merci pour tes retours et tes articles qui ajoutent toujours de la valeur à la discussion.


  8. Thanks for this creative and instructive video ! I’m already waiting for your next videos 🙂

  9. Michelle — what a fun way to explain the need for measurement in social media! Very enjoyable – sorry it took so long for me to find it.


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