What’s Your Social Media Nirvana?

Working in social media, I can’t help but reflect sometimes on what the big picture is. What IS it about social media that makes it so unique? So different? Ultimately, what is it that we should be aiming for in social media as a group?

Some ideas include:

  • the goal is to establish meaningful relationships that helps build conversations between consumers and businesses
  • the whole point of social media is to develop trust among people that cannot get to know each other one on one
  • social media is the most personalized form of marketing
  • etc…

But what are we aiming for, as a society? Here’s my opinion:

What’s yours?

13 responses to “What’s Your Social Media Nirvana?

  1. Wow !! I’m really impressed Michelle!

  2. I am getting a big kick out of your videos. This is a great way to show your personality, Michelle!

    In some ways, I am already in SM nirvana in the sense that it has vastly exceeded all my expectations. I have made some true, wonderful friendships. I learn something new every day. I am constantly entertained and challenged. I met the woman I love through the Internet and have nearly built my entire business through the connections I’ve made online.

    Until they come up with a way that Twitter can make me instantly rich, thin and handsome, I think I’m satisfied!

    Thanks for the great post!

    • Thanks Mark. I know they say that getting involved in social media is a risk, but I figure, let us be who we are, that’s what social media is for. It allows us to share our ideas while being ourselves and in this way building better relationships with people that we may only get to chat with via a computer screen, so why not make it as interactive as possible?
      But you didn’t say what your nirvana is!

  3. Thank you for the words, social media begins with the real relationship, transparency, engaging and making sure everyday we can make a difference.

    Definitely a social media nirvada…heaven!!

  4. Michelle,

    Great follow up to your first video. You certainly have a knack for injecting your point of view and your personality into the videos. Plus, you’re getting pretty good with Final Cut. 🙂

    I agree about driving towards transparency for businesses and in the larger online and offline world. There was a great episode on NPR radio (yes, I’m one of those people) called “The Death of Secrets” that delves much deeper into the transparency companies must embrace and that the more secretive ones will move from a positive to a much more negative light.

    Thanks. Looking forward to the next post.

  5. You’re talking about a major cultural shift in the C-suite, but yes, absolutely.

    What’s interesting is that transparency is a choice that isn’t dependent on Social Media. Companies can be transparent, using any communication channel. It’s unfortunate that more don’t choose to operate that way.

    What Social Media will probably do is force companies to move towards a more transparent (or partially opaque) state of being as a result of the impact that social technologies will have on their business.

    It’s a beautiful thing. 🙂

    Like Mark, I’m getting a kick out of your videos. Very well done.

    • Thanks for the comment, Olivier. I agree that what I am proposing as my “nirvana” is not something that will come overnight, but I see Social Media as being a possibility of bringing this about even quicker than having to change the minds, attitudes, and habits of the C-suite. I also have great hope for the new generation that has grown up with social media and will be used to having an unprecedented degree of openness which, while it may scare many executives, I feel as though it will only lead to better-quality goods and services as well as better business relationships. Of course it will always be impossible to make everyone happy, but transparent dialogue can allow companies to embrace the groundswell (taking a term from Forrester) rather than trying to run from it.

      And thank you, I’m still a novice on the videos but I have another one in the works for mid-December 🙂

  6. For a novice, you’ve raised the bar bigtime for making a point with video. Now we’ll have to move beyond iMovie I guess.

    What’ll really be cool is to see how long it takes POLITICIANS to catch up with the 1990s, oops, I mean the 2010s. While it’s asking too much of them to be transparent (could we really handle the truth anyway?), though it might not be a stretch to get them to see that the world’s not flat, oops, I mean that it’s not all about them.

    Social media will probably go a very long way to nirvana by making it uncomfortable to keep talking about themselves. We can only hope.

    Thanks for the video and especially thanks for the creative challenge your work inspires.

    • Trey,

      Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, you are a marketer that I look up to, along with Olivier Blanchard. I appreciate your comments very much and agree with you that it is a “nirvana” – an ideal goal that seems impossible to reach, but maybe just maybe may exist.

      As for using video to convey message, Loic LeMeur was an inspiration for me. Written text can be powerful, but videos can lighten the mood while stating a definite opinion; it’s like taking vitamins in gummy form.

  7. Sorry for the late reply Michelle, but this is a great video, which I will use as an example for colleagues.
    I agree with your Nirvana, although it is probably that. The problem with social media is that anybody can just say whatever they want and as people believe their peers above specialists (not that they always tell the truth), social media can also be misleading. How do you know if someone’s message is true or not?
    On the other hand, it is too easy to talk bad about organizations and products, possibly leading to costly law suits.

    My nirvana is not necessary total transparency, but a new society with a universal accepted social media etiquette, which functions for the better good of all. (wow that sounds a bit cloudy, but probably you get what I mean)

    • Good nirvana! It’s not at all cloudy for me, I love the idea that this interconnectedness and constant flow of information we have created would be used for the greater good above anything else, both commercially and in our private lives. It is truly a power that we have that can be used to provide enriching relationships for consumers, suppliers, friends, family, and strangers. Some of the non-profit organizations, for example, that take advantage of social media are doing a great job.
      Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.


  8. Fun video, you should do more.

    Companies are very much like human beings. Like most of us, they generally want to do the right things. But (like most of us) they talk themselves into making poor choices because it’s faster, easier, cheaper, “everybody else is doing it, why shouldn’t we?” etc.

    What nobody is talking about yet in social media is the ways consumers will need to change their behavior, too. IMHO, consumers will have to learn how to use their new power to give feedback wisely.

    If they howl at every tiny grievance, people will get exhausted with it and companies will conclude that vox populi = a bunch of whining knuckleheads nobody should listen to.

    If consumers choose their battles wisely and try sincerely to help companies make the right choices, we will ALL benefit.

    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks! Actually I had planned on having a few more ready for the New Year and then get sidetracked [puppy pic: http://bit.ly/6BX0Ll%5D 😉

      You make a good point, but I wonder, how might there be a standard method for determining if one is choosing his battles wisely in social media? Although it sounds like a great idea, isn’t it ALWAYS important when it’s our own problem? After all, companies are not looking for customers that are responsive to THEIR needs, they are seeking to satisfy consumer need – hopefully. I am certainly “guilty” of mentioning brands on social media without ever intending for them to find that message and take it to heart [i.e. when are they going to develop the Go Go Gadget iPhone App?] Then again, it WOULD be cool if Apple heard THAT one…

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