Surf the crowd, make it work, go home

Caution: Videos below. Watch in full-screen 😉

I recently talked with Jason Spector, a fellow twitterer living in Pittsburgh whose specialty is crowdsourcing. Incidentally, this is one of my favorite topics, and with the expansion of the web 2.0 opportunities are abounding, both for artists and for companies.

There are continually new opportunities to collaborate with others on projects from a distance, and Jason came by to offer some words of advice.

He stresses that :

Communication at the beginning and throughout the process is just as important as communication after the fact


Feedback is essential for maintaining loyal crowdsources

Watch the video after the break to see his take on the 3 C’s :

1 : Crowd

2 : Client

3 : Competition

or is it Communication, communication, communication ?

You decide.

Oh, and just for fun, some bonus footage :

Leave your comments below!

And of course don’t forget to visit Jason’s site for more info on crowdsourcing, or shoot him a question on Twitter @JasonSpector

7 responses to “Surf the crowd, make it work, go home

  1. Michelle,

    Thanks again for taking the time to meet with me and creating these videos. It’s always fun to discuss crowdsourcing/social media with a peer and we certainly had a good time doing it. I think we could’ve spoken for hours more if we let ourselves.

    You’re going to make a great impact on the world of business, social media and any other term we can blend into the work you do and vision you have. I’m glad I could be a part of it.

    BTW – I love the background music.

    Talk to you soon and see you around the Twittersphere.


    • My thanks are to you, Jason. It was a pleasure speaking with you and was difficult to cut down the footage to such a short video (hence the second 😉 ).

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  5. Great stuff, guys! Michelle, maybe you should start a vlog–Crowdsourcing TV 🙂

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