My (Unofficial) Flip Video Submission

I just recently began seeing a number of commercials for the Flip video recorder using user-generated videos submitted via their Facebook page, and, well, let’s just put it out there: I was tempted..and I have a video in my back pocket.. It’s part of their new Do You Flip? campaign that includes videos from Tony Hawk, a little kid “face painting“, and the one that first caught my eye: “Kitchen time” – the epitome of kitchen helpfulness.

I couldn’t find on their site, however, if people could still submit videos or if the campaign is closed for submissions.

Nevertheless, being the proud parent of my own little Flip, and being that I haven’t posted a video for a bit, I felt that I would offer my own submission (all of the videos are either 10-15- or 30-second clips, so I cut mine down to 15 seconds).

My sister had just flown in to visit, and our mom was so sweet to pre-reserve a rental car for us to bum around the city in:

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