If you had 18 minutes to change the world, what would your idea be ?


TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

You should also check out the video below of Sarah Kaminsky, born in Sidi M’hamed, Algeria, in 1979, she lived in France until the age of 3. Today, she shares her time between her comedic career and screenwriting and came to TEDx Paris to tell us the extraordinary story of her father, Adolfo Kaminsky.

“Stay awake. As long as possible. Fight against the drowsiness. The calculation is simple. In one hour, I can make 30 false documents. If I sleep for one hour, 30 people will die…” When, at the age of 17, Adolfo Kaminsky became an expert in false documents as part of the Resistance in Paris, he did not yet know that he would spend thirty years creating false documents, but never for his own interests.

Adolof Kaminsky has always remained true to his humanist convictions and his desire to construct a world of justice and liberty.

*****If I have time later this week I want to add sub-titles in English********


7 responses to “If you had 18 minutes to change the world, what would your idea be ?

  1. I’m not sure it’s possible to teach the Alexander Technique in eighteen minutes, but I’d be willing to attempt it. Made a mind map to help that happen. From your inspiration here, I’m going to put this mind-map up on my blog and tweet it up. Not sure if it will make any sense to someone who hasn’t been to my Alexander Technique class series or had lessons. We’ll see!
    One thing I’ve learned is that giving people the benefit of the doubt works well to educate. Treat people as if they are smart, and they will rise to the occasion, even if that involves building entirely new contexts and environments in which to park the entirely new genre of thinking. Funny thing is that people who do understand you will criticize your attempts, saying, “Well, *I* get it, but would others?” Ignore ’em and keep simplifying what you’re presenting.
    Having been a long-time fan of the SciFi writing of the last fifty years or so, I’d like to point out that these writers have been envisioning social media in the environments they have had to create for their characters and story lines. This is especially true in the “near future” genre. It’s an untapped goldmine.

    • I have to admit I had to look up what the Alexander Technique is, but I think it’s exactly ideas like that that make up a TED conference. It will be great to see your mind map and how you teach it. I think you’re absolutely right that

      giving people the benefit of the doubt works well to educate

      I agree that setting the bar higher makes people want to prove that they can live up to others’ expectations; it’s only natural to want to live up to what others expect of you. Thanks for stopping by, let me know when you put the mind map up!

  2. Thanks for posting the Sarah Kaminsky video.

  3. Aloha Michelle, Got to hear your interview today, 2/2/2010. No wonder your friend wanted you to make him a video – you’ve got such a unique and goofy style that’s such fun to watch.
    Got my post and mindmap up already here:
    Of course, it’s about the principles of how someone does Alexander Technique for themselves, rather than the guided modeling part a teacher can provide.
    Let me know what impressions you get from it, OK? You’re a good guinea pig for that, because you’re a smartie neophyte.

    • Thanks, Franis 🙂 It was fun!
      I’ll definitely take a look at the mindmap and let you know what I think 🙂 Thanks for stopping by

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