Ready to get Twittering?

Now, you know this is a personal blog, but I wanted to get your opinion on the first “Synthesio news” we did about our new Twitter feature that identifies your company’s/brands influential Twitter users:

A little bit different from my usual style, I know, but we were trying to go a bit more Webb Alert and perhaps a bit less iJustine (no offense Justine, you have quite a following and are great at what you do!).

Anyway, I just really wanted to know if you thought it was super cheesy or pretty groovy

eww now I’m listening to the iJustine film still, and around 3:00 the guy on the other end of the line starts to get super creepy, I actually stopped watching..

you rock, iJustine.


6 responses to “Ready to get Twittering?

  1. Michelle,

    I think what makes your”usual style” videos great is that you can feel the authentic creativity coming from them. Which video style did you enjoy making more?

    Online video is tough (I’m still trying to figure out a good style for my career coaching), but I think the fact that Mark asked you to do your style video for his business is worth noting.

    Keep doing your thing.

    • THANK YOU Brandon, for honest feedback. I feel like you can so feel I ‘m a little stiff, I think that’s my fault though (not enough diet Dr.Pepper – they don’t have it in France, where I was when I filmed this 😦 ). The last thing I want to do is make stuff that people go “ew. Click. gone” but ok, living and learning. The next one will be better.

  2. This is not you. That’s a shame. Just sayin’

    If Synthesio were smart they would give you the tools to UNLEASH your energy, humor and creative prowess not put you in this little box.

    This is me-too, ho-hum and unremarkable. Right? With you behind the controls, there is no reason these videos should not stand out.

    • Thanks for your honesty, Mark. I think I just fell flat personally, that day, too. A new one will be up soon so we’ll see how that one goes 😉

  3. Thanks for your feedbacks on Michelle’s video.

    She knows and we also know that there is room for improvement, but since we had a short deadline for the launch of our Twitter widget, we had to go with this version, which might indeed look a bit old-school and stiff.

    Yet, we still think Michelle did a very good job on that one considering the time she had ! And be sure that the next one will take your suggestions into account and have more of the Michelle’s touch 😉

    Thibault, CEO of Synthesio

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