What does it mean to “measure” social media?

Whenever people ask me about what it is that the company I work for does, I say, “well..you know that word-of-mouth stuff? ..so…we quantify that.”

Here’s another way of putting it

I’m not sure which one works better.

Let me know 😉

Oh, and I’m aware of how off-topic I get sometimes; it’s a chronic illness. I know.

OH, and of course, here’s the link to that bat-suit flying 😉


6 responses to “What does it mean to “measure” social media?

  1. Saw your tweet, happy to check it out! Bottom line: sweeeeet. Charming, definitely not crap. Great writing, editing, acting; I loved the free-falling people and music too (so what it they might be off-topic?). How to improve? 1) Too much light on your face (overexposed) much of the time – I get it if that was a “look” (like the camera angle) you were going for, just didn’t enjoy it; 2) didn’t like the bluish typeface for headings (kitchy but indistinct). Feel free to disagree, of course. Also: while the video makes you extremely personable / approachable as a representative of social media metrics, I didn’t feel like it would have influenced me if I hadn’t already been sure I wanted to “get me some social media metrics.” I hope this is helpful, and encouraging (please make more!)

    • thanks for the comments bruce!
      1° interesting, I’ll take a closer look at how I did that exactly and try something else
      2° I actually am going to change them all to blue outer with just a white inner to make it easier
      I think I have to reflect more on who exactly I’m aiming the video for because I often get caught between thinking about people that have no clue about social media, and those that are using it and want to monitor
      thanks again, bruce, come back soon!

  2. Sweet Video on measuring Social Media. Look forward to more. @marka_vt

  3. Great video. Awesome when you get off topic.

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