Movie poll!

The last video I posted was one of the first I’ve done for work but from the comments you can tell it fell a little flat.


I TOLD you I work with good people 😀 For the next one they told me to go ahead and do it as I would. So I did:

OK, I’m done talking about work now on here! Although, it’s hard to call it work when you really enjoy it, I suppose..  ;D


Have a great weekend. You deserve it.

Project this photo, courtesy of David Allen, up onto your wall

grab yourself a caipiroska


  • muddle limes (or any other fruit) with sugar
  • add ice cubes
  • add vodka (or cachaça or rum)
  • shake

and get ready for one more day until the weekend 🙂

Leave any comments below, let’s chat.

3 responses to “Movie poll!

  1. OK, I’m waiting for you here in Hawaii, even though I drink….tea. Just let me know when are you flying into Kailua-Kona?


  2. Nice video again, Michelle. I think it works well.

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