Let’s be real

A somewhat rambling, but completely genuine  post

18 responses to “Let’s be real

  1. Great Stuff Michelle! I look forward to seeing what other great stuff is to come. Shining moment…”And that’s my little dog” haha Loved it.

  2. Where’d the music go?!!? 🙂

  3. The intro/outro music on some of your other videos…but I guess those are just the synthio (sp?) videos.

  4. That’s it! Love that song. 🙂

  5. This is so, so good. So good.

  6. Great stuff! It encourages conversation. Perfect for a vlog.

    Just to frame this back to B2B though, I think it’s a great way of showing who the people are in a company. I mean: having seen this I would feel like I could pick up the phone and ask you to make a video for a client. It says: this is someone I could work with.

    So a great strategy we can all learn from, even though you were just talking!

  7. Hey Michelle, followed you from @conversationage & Twitter to here and as @Jon says … just conversing can be a great way to let the good karma shine through. Nice editing work too.

    Of course… one of my early videos on Omnisio ended up with the comment “This guy is better than sleeping pills!” LOL . Guess we need to be able to laugh at ourselves from time to time. ay?

    Keep it real and upbeat. Thanks!

    • Hey skip, glad you found me!
      I’m sorry to hear about that comment! But you’re right, everyone has to be able to laugh at themselves; you can’t please everyone.. 🙂

    • Michelle – I think part of the point of your post is to just get stuff out there and see what works. Your videos are engaging and entertaining. That fits your personal style well. While the feedback on some early videos might have been painful at the time, I learned from them. I try to keep postings today shorter, to the point and informative… which fits my style .

    • Thanks for the advice, Skip, you’re right that part of it is finding what fits for you through trial and error. I’m definitely still in my experimenting days and haven’t yet quite found my feet, but I learn quick, and I learn from trying things out myself. 🙂

  8. Michelle,

    Enjoyed this post as well as your other videos. First time visitor and social media guy myself. It’s really cool to have a more conversational tone. I think that makes a huge difference in terms of community building and people’s willingness to interact. Nice to know you’re people just like us.

    I struggle too with what to post and how often because you want to bring value and good content to your readers, but I really take to heart your point of overthinking things and not posting brings even less value (some might argue with that, but not me). Anyway, just saying hi and keep up the good posts.


    • Hi Ryan,
      thanks so much for stopping by
      I think it’s just the fact sometimes that it’s so easy to self-criticize, but eventually you have to let go and just tell yourself, “publish it and go to bed.” 😀
      off to check out your blog

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