Who’s in charge of your company’s brand?

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6 responses to “Who’s in charge of your company’s brand?

  1. Great video, Michelle! This raises a lot of interesting questions.

    I think it’s imperative a community manager is aware of their responsibilities and how much power they actually have. Of course, management tend to be very wary of this and I’m starting to see rather hefty contracts waved around in front of the community managers I know.

    So much of this is an emerging space so there is n o “best practice” (hate that phrase!) yet. Only trial and error.

    I don’t really have answers; just observations and questions.

    Like: what happens if a brand invests in “Jane Doe” as the community manager and then Jane ups and moves on to Big Nasty Competitor three years down the line.

    Does Jane take her mojo with her?

  2. I would think it only normal that Jane would have signed a no-compete contract so she legally wouldn’t be able to transfer certain knowledge, but how is that possible? How would Chris Brogan change drop and add contacts for each new project (and therefore new network) ?
    I would say of course she takes it with her, but she recognizes certain boundaries

  3. Sympathique vidéo en effet. Un petit reproche technique toutefois : May be you should buy an another microphone :p.

    • it’s true, the sound quality needs to be improved, for some reason I can’t seem to figure out how to get a crisp clear sound 😦
      Any advice?

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