#BeMyGuest video blog from Blogtillyoudrop

A huge thanks to Lolly (otherwise known as @blogtillyoudrop) for being a guest on my blog.

I asked her:
1 – Tell us who you are, where you’re from and where you are; and something that you would love to get as a surprise present
2- When was the first time you realized how great it was to have a blog? (I’m going to infer from your blog name that you think it’s kinda cool to blog.. at least once in a while.. ;D)
3 – What makes you, as a social media consultant, different from the pack?
4 – What was your favorite brand/agency to work for and why? What did they do (what was the campaign)?

I love this girl (and her accent 🙂 )

Also, a huge thanks to Adam Vincenzini for launching the #BeMyGuest initiative.

2 responses to “#BeMyGuest video blog from Blogtillyoudrop

  1. And thanks for interviewing me! I’ll put your vid up tomorrow morning! 🙂

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