It’s the Age of Conversation #aoc3

Correction: there are more than 300 authors to this book! So…you’re going to have to pick it up somewhere to see all of them ;D (Nick Burcher gave me the tip-off 😉 )

Check out Drew and Gavin, for sure – HUGE thanks to them for organizing this.

The chapters for the Age of Conversation 3 are:

* At the coalface
* Conversational branding
* Influence
* Getting to work
* Corporate conversations
* Measurement     <—— woo hoo 🙂
* In the boardroom
* Pitching social media
* Innovation and execution
* Identities, friends and trusted strangers

Also, thanks to the publishers that are doing this for free! : Channel V Books

In the meantime, I’ve arrived in London for the Social Media Monitoring Bootcamp 2010 #msmbc10 – more soon 🙂

2 responses to “It’s the Age of Conversation #aoc3

  1. You are a nut. I’m ready for my interview, ma’m

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