Social media/change – characters and media

Sorry I’ve been out of the loop for a bit, I have arrived in Paris 😀 and am ready to get back to observing and participating.

Yesterday I was watching a video that I had seen before but was rewatching after seeing a sneak preview of the coming movie “I Am the Media” by Benjamin Rassat. It’s a documentary by Michael Wesch, an anthropologist exploring the digital culture and leading a Kansas State University working group. that offers an anthropological view of YouTube.

He explores how we can be individual, yet create communities through YouTube. We can be actors in a play, imitators, creators, or simply observers.

It is 55 minutes long but trust me every minute is worth it. Take some time during your lunch your to at least put it in the background, you’re sure to be sucked in to it by the time you’re halfway done with your sandwich 😉

As for the documentary by Benjamin, it will be available here on May 31st for you to watch in its entirety. I have to admit that there were some parts that were quite bizarre and maybe even a stretch – but that’s art, isn’t it? – while its true appreciation came after a bit of reflection and several hours after the film.

(More info in video form soon 😉 )

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