Cut Off from the World, and Creating Characters 2.0

It’s Weird !!!

OK, back up – let me explain :

Synthesio has hired me as their full-time Community Manager, to start June 1st, and in the meantime were great to me by giving me an entire month of vacation just for me, to relax, visit my family, and just do whatever I wanted before starting full time in Paris.

Cutting the web 2.0 umbilical cord, or Leaving the Internet for Marshall, Michigan

April 30th, 2010 – I packed up my bags and headed to Lansing and Marshall, Michigan, where I visited my aunts, uncles, cousins, and cousins kids. My relatives in Lansing are well-connected and very interested in the Internet, but Marshall, Michigan was another story! Don’t get me wrong, there IS Internet in Marshall, but out where they live (Ellis Corners, if that isn’t the best name ever), it’s either as slow as mud or costs far too much, especially if you’re not using it every day.

How weird, then, to wake up and gasp eat breakfast and read a book instead of grabbing my laptop while I’m still in bed to check e-mails and messages and such. It felt good to just sit and take things a little slower and get some sun for once..

May 5th, 2010 I grabbed my airplane to Katowice, Poland, to meet up with my parents for a friend’s wedding that was absolutely beautiful. Again, we had Internet connection but we spent most of our time visiting family and friends in Katowice, Krakow, and Warsaw.

Since I’ve gotten to Paris

"At night, I tagg"

I’ve sent a few tweets and such, but mostly have been taking advantage of doing….nothing!!

I did take the time to make this quick video after seeing a sneak preview of Benjamin Rassat’s “I am the Media” documentary about how

We’re all just a bunch of characters on the Web 2.0 – just like in real life?

Which I would have published earlier but hey, when you spend the weekend in Marseille,

Marseille Calanques

it’s tough tough tough to think about uploading a video 😉


Looking forward to your comments and getting back in touch, myself


6 responses to “Cut Off from the World, and Creating Characters 2.0

  1. When you were in Michigan, were you really offline, or were you truly discovering the REAL way to be online? : )

    Superb video. Look forward to hearing about all your adventures! Bon chance!

    • 😀 good point, sometimes being connected all the time is just too too much
      Headed to London soon, actually! (and still a faithful reader of your blog 😉 – you were the one that led me to the Swagger Wagon lol)
      et merci

  2. good video Michelle, well done 🙂

  3. Michelle, your videos are awesome. I always send them to people who are getting started with video blogging to try to get them to experiment and find their “style”.

    How was Marseille? (I can guess by looking at the picture)

    My friend Nicholas lives there, and I was hoping to visit him this summer, but this whole Fulbright thing isn’t cooperating with my summer travel dreams.

    Keep letting your own light shine through the camera lens. When I’m brave enough, I’ll get started with some videos of my own.

    • Hi Brandon, thanks 🙂 I never know how I feel about my videos sometimes, whether I like them or not, but I think that’s part of the point is just experimenting and finding what works for you.

      Marseille was amaaaaaazing, it is so so beautiful and always nice to visit beautiful places with great friends 🙂

      Let me know how the Fullbright thing goes! That would be an amazing opportunity, for sure.
      And don’t worry about being brave, just turn it on and spit it out 😉

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