My little personal message to Steve Jobs

I nearly had an org heart attack watching the new video presenting the iPhone 4G because, well, I’ve been needing wanting it to come to France for awhile now….

Avert your eyes if you are cannot handle it


I thought they threw these out 5 years ago

Steve Jobs, as of June 24th you are my man.

Sorry Greg ;p


I may have found a solution.

Osmanyness (a French blogger I just met this week that is going to have to copyright the suffix “-ness” soon — his birthday hashtag was “oh my birthdayness” :D) – is holding a contest for his blog where you can win his white iPhone…

Now, I know I’ve been holding out for opening a bank account here in Paris and getting the iPhone 4, but I hear rumors circulating of a 4G…and could REALLY see me breaking in an iPhone 3G (that’s FREE) in the meantime…



6 responses to “My little personal message to Steve Jobs

  1. Michelle,

    Loved the video. I have been lusting over the new iPhone since gizmodo got the prototype. But am hoping I can use a little restraint since I just broke down and bought an iPad (which I’m digging so far). Will they have them in france on the us release date?

    Oh and by the way don’t hate on the iPod mini. I loved that thing!

    How are you loving paris so far? As Colbert would say, is it a great city or the greatest city?


    • Thanks Ryan 🙂 I have to admit I’m not at all ready to buy an iPad, but I’ve been waiting to get an iPhone for 8 months and now it’s only 2 weeks away!!! And no way could I ever hate on the iPod mini, I have Boyz 2 Men on there 😉 but it’s hilariously out of date when you put it next to the new ones

      And for Paris? It’s a great city 😀
      Best, Michelle

  2. Just din’t get it 😀

  3. Loved your video Michelle ! Thanks for sharing it.


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