Paris Paris n° 3 1/2

Ladies and gentleman, I’ve found my hero, and his name is Rémi Gaillard.

Those of you in France surely know him.

Those of you outside of France have you seen his videos?

Watch. Laugh. Repeat.

Merci à Nicolas Bordas, it’s thanks to his blog that I have discovered Jackass à la française 😀

6 responses to “Paris Paris n° 3 1/2

  1. Wonderful viral vids, Michelle! I enjoy watching them myself, and have a few on my blog as well.
    This is a great blog site, very well done. Keep up the good work, and best wishes for your academic success, from one student to another!

  2. Hello Michelle!

    Remi Gaillard is awesome!!

    You have to know a new group call “Frog invaders”
    with the single “excuse my french!”


    See you


  3. Cannot believe this french brosef messes with cops.. only in france.

    Au revior, et viva la resistance.


    • that’s what I kept thinking! I was like, wait…why hasn’t this guy spent the last 10 years in jail? 😀

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