What do you do on the day you break up?

Clearly… start blogging. I’ve been meaning to take off more with this blog and everything I’ve been learning since joining the blogosphere last year but then I got..caught up. I moved to Paris, moved in with a new boyfriend, started my job, and thought everything was wonderful. And it pretty much was. I had to go back to the States to figure out some paper-work things and I ended up giving away my puppy so she could have a bigger house to run in and people that were always home, but I figured, I’m in love, what’s the worst that can happen?

The worst that can happen is that one night as you’re getting into bed and snuggling into your favorite spot, just where his arm meets his chest, you hear what you think is the French equivalent of “we need to talk”. And then he tells you about the girl he spent over 4 hours talking with that has made him question where it is that you were going with him. Granted, the move in was too soon. But the part about the other girl really blew. So, as with all great moments, or moments that we’d like to think may have been great if we were in our own movie, have to be  marked with a changing of something. Anything. New hair color, new diet, change of shoes, what’s your treat. For me, it might finally be the push to go native.

Gone native

In anthropology, after the time spent living in a given culture is up, the anthropologist usually needs to pull back from where he or she is in order to maintain their objectivity and report back their analyses. In early cultural anthropology class you’re warned about the dangers of “going native”, mainly being that you wouldn’t publish your thesis because you will have become too close to the subject, I think.

Lucky me, I have a blog. There’s no publishing whatsoever to get tangled up with.

And I’ve realized I’ve held off on publishing more because I wanted this blog to be full of things that I created and I made, but am fed up with some of the limitations of video-blogging ; namely that I usually hate some part of it and it takes me 6-7 hours to edit it and then I still sometimes just can’t make myself edit the damn thing. So I have videos waiting to be edited, some that are almost done, ideas written down, but I have to take the advice of “just do it” and write a little bit every day, because actually I like writing. I’m never sure if it will come out coherent or a dyslexic mess sometimes, but it helps me to clear my head in a way that video blogging just doesn’t. I’m sure that I’ll get back into them now that I’ll be moving into my own space, but in the meantime here’s to spending more time focusing on me, what I’m looking for in life, and what I find out. I know I’ve told myself this before, and I also know that you shouldn’t announce things less you actually just not end up doing it at all, so I’m not annoucing anything. Just moving forward. Actually, one thing I’ve been pondering recently is trends and memes; how one word or phrase seems to catch fire, at least in the world of social media monitoring, and all blog posts are that author’s take on the subject. Once we’ve covered that one a new term has to be reinvented for the people that actually know what they’re talking about to show that they do and that they can manipulate the blogosphere.

These are some powerful people.

The Internet is fully of crazy communities that, with each one that you discover, lets you see another little piece of humanity and what it is that group of people are doing down there. It’s a whole other world sometimes. Last night, even, I was having dinner with a French blogger with eyes wide open because I’m still learning so much about how some of today’s bloggers view its evolution, that 5 years is ancient for a blog and reason for a party (4 more to go – hold on to your socks), and that There are spaces for every kind of taste and then some. There are certain tricks and tools and as we move from millions of web pages to billions of web pages that are going to turn the web into a battlefield, I think, of virtual battles to see who can gain the most notoriety.

But more on that later.

Off for now.


8 responses to “What do you do on the day you break up?

  1. Awh, sure do hate to hear you’re having difficulties. Lots and lots of being love you. Lots and lots and lots think you do fabulous, worthwhile work.

  2. Writing can be very fullfilling
    Inspiring… Please share your videos, even not finished

    • I agree, I’ve written before in journals and one friend told me not to lose that, but I didn’t realize how it would be to truly write what I was thinking on a blog
      ..it’s addicting 😀

      And thank you, ok, I will try and publish the one I’m working on before the end of the week

  3. Hello Michelle,

    Life has such coincidences…I was preparing a Powerpoint for some students. And to show them how powerful a good video can be, I intended to quote your blog. Which lead me to rea

  4. Crap. Will you take an IOU on a hug?

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