And then I realized I needed to start getting bitchy

OK that makes twice now that I’ve been told I’m “too nice” or “too simple”. Just because instead of freaking out that my dails got banged up when I was painting them, I live with it or put on another coat, and because I will eat from the same boulangerie that gave me a crispy fried ladybug in my quiche because..they really are good quiches.

Shoot that is kind of boring.

I had just called it zen..

No one’s perfect but I had my moments of tranquility

But now I’m wondering if maybe I just need to start bringin the drama.

I’ve seen it work for some girls incredibly well.

“What baby wants baby gets” I think is the exact terminology a best friend has for his old roommate.

really good at being bitchy, really, only one person could take her crown


oh but make sure he tells you how amazing you are every morning





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