Are people trying to get brands’ attention on purpose?

This past weekend I was surfing through YouTube videos, and I happened upon the Red Bull Boys.

Since I love Red Bull videos (I was actually surfing for them :p .. ) I kind of got a little too flipped the popcorn excited

Except that all of the sudden it seemed reeeaallly obvious that they were just trying to make a video highlighting Red Bull, which I had never seen before (people doing this) !

I began to think of the girl that tweeted her “distress” over not having any more Wheat Thins at home. Wheat Thins pulled in within hours with a truck-load full of them.

So is social media teaching people that if they complain, they’ll be given priority from brands, and always above and beyond?

Are they genuinely loving sharing information that much that they just want to share it with others.

I think we can all agree there’s some degree of self-vanity, but let me know.

Or are people falsely trying to get brands’ attention, which will only to revert us back to the push marketing era, since everyone will be paying attention again?

You be the judges

Are these people for real?

Or are they just trying to somehow magically get sponsored by brands?


That’s your call.

But, without further ado, I give you

Top 5 (hey this could turn into a thing )

Are they being serious or do they just want promotions for … ? :

1. DulceCandy87

I think around minute 3 my brain couldn’t figure out why my hands hand’t turned it off yet, but she JUST KEPT GOING.

nice camera shots of the mascara, though

I would buy that

2.  The Red Bull Boys

I’m a huge fan of Red Bull and as such, I sometimes just YouTube “red bull” and look for the latest videos that have been put up. That has led me to these guys; You decide. True lovers or just trying to get sponsorship…for putting a video on YouTube?

3. MakeUp Geek with Skittles Makeup

It’s candy

It’s makeup

It’s candymakeup that wants someone to send her a lifetime supply of Skittles?

I couldn’t stop thinking of some parade that goes on once a year.

(Great times in Brazil 😉 )

4.  popsugartvbella‘s

Clamp-Free Curling Iron: Sultra Bombshell Product Review :

“And, you can see, I have curly hair

it’s kind of exciting

in a.. very..surprising way”

5. caffaccino’s

Japanese Dariya Palty Hair Dye Review – Caramel Brown

Really just a girl telling what she thought of the hair dye.

But she seems kind of cool

You decide

That’s all for tonight

I’m off


2 responses to “Are people trying to get brands’ attention on purpose?

  1. “So is social media teaching people that if they complain, they’ll be given priority from brands, and always above and beyond ?”

    Your sentence reminded me of one of my previous professional lifes, in which I had to answer over the phone to customers complaining about bad quality of Pepsico products (Benenuts, Tropicana, Quaker Oats, Pepsi, of course…). And the answer was always the same : providing them with free purchase coupons. To me, this matches exactly with what you are describing. And, at this time (January/April 2008, I just came back from England), social media were far from what they are today.

    Therefore, to me, the trend you are describing is not linked to the arising of social network, but rather to the “satisfaction guaranteed” moto that rules on business. However, social media amplifies the trend to an inplicit blackmail : either you give me what I want or I slander your name all around the Web.

    This is known, in Game Theory, as the Blackmailer Paradox, a variation on the Ultimatum Game. I leave everyone free to go further on this, as it is mathematic-oriented, but think that Company should think about it.

  2. It is kind of like the same idea with a coupon, the conditioning of consumers to expect gifts in response to social media complaints..
    Merci d’être passé Patrick 🙂

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