If you’re a shmuck, we will find out.

This morning TechCrunch exploded with comments about Skype’s Chief Development Officer that has left over some “fiasco“. And the comments? Filled.

I personally don’t know him and want to point out straight away that I don’t know the story personally, I don’t know the guy, and I’m not using the word “shmuck” in my title to refer to him – I just really like the word.

But it got me thinking because I just had a conversation this afternoon with someone that I initially “met” online and have been talking with for months now before finally meeting in person. Granted we were already telling each other we were twins split at birth and put on different continents, but he told me that I am in real life like I am online. OK so now you have to meet me in real life if you want to find out, but it just shows the power of information on the web.

If you’re a shmuck – and maybe even if you’re not – your reputation is going to catch up with you thanks to the Internet.

classy parking job

Facts aren’t always checked. Backgrounds aren’t always checked. Facts aren’t always verified. But the speed at which a rumor can spread is why there is a debate – I think – over journalists vs. bloggers.

They both want to do it fast. They both want to do it well. But sometimes one or the other doesn’t always hit it right on the head.

Prime example : the whiteboard girl hopa hoax . She lit up the Internet until a journalist from a “brief investigation by Los Angeles Times” cleared things up.

And now I’m getting totally off on a tandem because I ACTUALLY wanted to say that with all this talk over net neutrality and wikileaks, I’ve been wondering how the Internet (and the web – thanks to Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff – I wasn’t aware they’re different :° ) is going to be changing – for the better or for worse – and affecting people online and offline.

The web is a place where some of us spend most of our days, while others hardly dabble, yet who you are is going to be affected.

I can understand if you’re a crazy person that only cares about your career and climbing the ladder. The web might not be the best for you. Sorry.

If you pretend to be someone else, be it online or in front of other people, it’s going to be found out. The web is a place designed for openness and sharing, although there will always be trolls and spammers that make life more frustrating and interesting.

Nevertheless, social media is like the tide that went out. Anyone left without a swimsuit beware.

Post-script : I just found out what the word shmuck originally used to refer to. Cute.

feel free to post your other versions below 🙂

8 responses to “If you’re a shmuck, we will find out.

  1. How about Appholes? 😉

    I agree to some extent that the social Web provides ways of allowing us to see through misconduct and missteps. Highly evolved communities using message boards and forums are especially adept at seeing through shills. But I think we’re always a step behind high-tech fraudsters using new platforms to perpetrate wrongdoing.

    The recent wave of phishing scams perpetrated on Facebook, or schemes using a “gift card” as bait for the purpose of harvesting names for spamming are just a few examples. Some scams took weeks and hundreds of thousands of names harvested for folks to figure out they shouldn’t follow their oblivious friends recommendations to sign-up.

    Elaborate scams/schemes? Yes. A chink in their reputation armor? Wouldn’t seem so, after all, these schemes still seem to be happening at a healthy rate on Facebook and have migrated to Twitter.

    I’d sure like to see a designated virtual parking spot for these

    Joseph | RepuMetrix Inc.

    • I haven’t heard that term before 😀

      And hi Joseph, thanks for stopping by. It’s interesting, I had this crazy idea this morning (before I even found out about the story mentioned here) that maybe the guy from the Matrix is right. You’ll have to bear with me here – this is my personal blog so I permit myself to ride the tandems that come 😉 – but everytime there is a social media space, like MySpace, or Facebook, or whathave you there are always always always people that are going to figure out how to infiltrate it. There are advertisers that come in and push products, there are hackers that erase all of or steal your data, there are spammers that flood your inbox, and the list goes on.

      There will always be dishonest people, unfortunately, but word of mouth gets around. When applying for a post, for example, you can often find out what people are saying about the company and who works there. If you can’t, it’s something I expect to see more of as more people go online. TBD !

  2. Hi Michelle !
    I just p***ed myself laughing when finding out the origins of the word Schmuck !!!!! Never really had a clue to be honest.
    Thanks for that 😉


  3. Ok, if the debate is on, well we have to nourish it.
    These last days, during my annual vacation in Israel I’m getting my pack of schmucks.
    Especially those spotted from my hometown Paris in France.
    This post feeds really right on time as I was thinking to myself that I definitely have no chance with short brained people (I’m thinking of those hoax from the Web) and asking how can I fall into the pit of human stupidity every time it presents to me.

    So I’ll try to answer to some of questions here:
    – first why are we stopped by schmucks?
    > Some community, I mean people recruited around some strong ideas have that power to give enough sense to a hacked fact.
    And if you’ve read Tribes by Seth Godin you’ll surely remember that we don’t need a lot to build a community.
    So there is a point that attract us into and we aren’t able to prevent ourselves from some dishonest people: we cannot control them.

    – So why don’t being schmucks too?
    >In another way why don’t we try to get responsible by taking some resolutions and preserving ourselves from them.
    You know that system virus VS. antivirus ?
    There are so much plenty of infected mushrooms in the web, and within its extension they are getting more and more populars.
    Then it’s true, we are loosing relevancy if we focus on them, even if it is hard to interrupt their growing popularity we can at least take on ourselves and go over the phenomenon: I don’t say it’s easy, it’s even surely all about measurement, it’s hard to believe that once again you found yourself into the field but trust me by experience, with the time going by you’d better think twice before giving them back a slap.
    Because the wheel turns. Always.

    – And at least but not at last, Michelle you’ve already give the answer: the web is a place designed for openness and sharing, although there will always be trolls and spammers that make life more frustrating and interesting.
    > And just remember something > guns don’t kill people, bullets do.

    • awesome awesome awesome comment. Tribes was a really good read that can truly make you think about what you stand for and what you want to stand for, and who you want to stand with.
      thanks for sharing your thoughts Yael and please keep coming back, I love seeing you here and having your thoughts

  4. Hey Michelle you are Welcome !
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and giving us opportunities to discuss on true life subjects.
    I kept my promise 🙂 enjoying myself to read your posts !

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