bloggers do it better with champagne

Overheard on the street :

Bloggers don’t even get up til 10, they’re too busy..blogging or something..

Wait – WHAT ???

Personally I get up at 7:30 7:45 every weekday morning to get to work on time. And the majority of bloggers I know have steady jobs that also require them to get up and about well before 10am.

I’m not sure why, but this comment struck me.

Do people really not “get” bloggers? Can you, if you don’t blog yourself?

But then, who am I to “defend” bloggers? Maybe some of you do roll out at 10 am..

Darth likes champ

So I decided to compile a list of all of the reasons I’ve seen or heard about for why people blog.

Just to clear things up.

Some of them apply to me ; many do not. Please add your own (whether they apply to you or not 😉 ):

  1. I’m a creative spirit that has to get some thoughts out
  2. I want to bounce ideas around with others
  3. I want to expand my social network, personally or professionally
  4. I want to share my art – writing, photography, video, web design, etc
  5. I want to comment on things that bother me/that I like
  6. I want to challenge stereotypes
  7. Copy-paste is the best invention ever
  8. Hyperlinks are the best. invention. ever.
  9. I love pictures or videos of myself
  10. I want to share my latest finds – online or offline
  11. It helps me keep up my crack addiction
  12. It helps me beat my crack addiction
  13. I was pushed into it (willingly or not) by a friend or colleague
  14. I want to share/develop a certain expertise
  15. I’m already famous and want to connect with the peeps
  16. I’m a fanboy and always will be
  17. I want to share a part of me that I can’t share offline
  18. I have nothing to hide
  19. I live through my online personality
  20. I wanted to better understand others in a given blogging community
  21. I was born to blog, I can’t imagine anything else
  22. Sharing my own thoughts helps me learn
  23. Money, gifts, and backlinks, oh my
  24. I want a record of things I’ve done/seen/visited
  25. I want to be a part of the latest trends
  26. I am the latest trend. duh.

That’s all I’ve got so far

What are your reasons ?

And if you don’t blog, why ?

**sincere tone here, not the “why?! dammit — why don’t you blog?!?!” ;D **


4 responses to “bloggers do it better with champagne

  1. I get my real news from clicking on links the SPAM commenters submit.

  2. I started blogging because I just wanted to practice my writing. I continue blogging because it gives me mental checkpoints in projects I’m working on. Also, sometimes I post interesting research I’ve conducted and share it for the benefit of others. My most commented post on my blog was a review of some of the alternatives to OneNote on the Mac.

    So, I guess my reasons are 11 (though projects, not crack :)), 5 (mostly with the running I’ve been doing in Vibrams and its attendant effects), and 14/22.

    Anyway, I agree with your Vibram opinion (shared via Twitter), ils sont moches, mais ils me font du bien.

    • hey! thanks for stopping by 🙂
      yeah, no I don’t actually do crack, but there are definitely some that do I’m sure 😀
      and I have to say, I found them [horribly] ugly…but kind of funky (in a good way)
      they would be excellent to go rock-climing in, I just couldn’t see myself actually using them on a day-to-day basis

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