jump shock to reality

Yesterday evening was a little surreal, I have to admit. And though I’ve told myself I shouldn’t write things that are too personal on my blog, I do believe you have to share who you are, and tonight made me think a little bit more about that.

Recently someone even asked me, “and you..what do you do..besides what you do?..”

And to be 100% honest I’ve just graduated, I’ve moved to Paris, and I’m still interested in a million things and want to learn everything : photography, Polish, base-jumping, shark-diving, video-editing, snowboarding, etc and travel everywhere, but it’s hard to put my finger on just. one thing.

So when sudddenly this evening I was approached to do anything EXTREME that I could possibly want..

I immediately imagined myself diving off of bridges with the Red Bull guys and jumping with skis from a helicopter, but then I thought



You mean like a magic wish with a genie?

Well then.. in that case my mind took a 180° turn towards doing something for someone else. I’m not a Mother Theresa – that’s for damned sure – but if you could do ANYTHING. in. the. world.

What would you do?

I’m torn.

I thought of this :

(of course 😉 )

But also this :

A silly little video that I made when I was invited to visit a guide-dog school for the seeing-impaired here in Paris. It’s a small school that does such wonderful things – for free.

My favorite story, in fact, of all time is of the man going along a sandy coast of washed-up starfish the day after an enormous sea storm. He went along slowly, picking them up, one by one with a certain tenderness, and throwing them back into the ocean so that they wouldn’t die there, dried up on the coast. As he went along, a stranger came up to him and stopped him. He said, “what are you doing? There are millions of starfish that have washed up on the coast. You can’t possibly make a difference.” But the man just kept bending down and picking up the starfish, one by one. He picked one up and threw it back into the water and looked at the stranger and said, “..just made a difference for that one.”

If you could have the chance to do something – anything – extreme..what would it be?


6 responses to “jump shock to reality

  1. Great post. Makes one think.

    Doing something extreme depends on what my capabilities are. I like to think that I already do what I can in other people’s lives.

    However, if I could do anything with unlimited capacity, well then, world peace. But even that is difficult, if not outright futile, because it relies on others, not just oneself. To accomplish it myself, I’d probably have to deny the freedoms of (some) others. That’s not good.

    So, I would probably do something like cure cancer or malaria, or at least try to eliminate hunger. (Despite overpopulation, I think the earth still has more than enough resources to feed us for several millennia to come).

  2. Pouf! If I could do it, I’d transform education. Instead of regional history, every school in the world now teaches Edward de Bono strategic, lateral and parallel thinking skills. Music could be substituted for maths beyond algebra, reading would be a given skill as typing is now – instead as topics, kids would study law, communication skills and public speaking for twelve years, pointing their energy as “citizen researchers”. In their teens, kids would complete real things in the world of their choice with a paid sponsor, (instead of paying teachers) similar to apprenticeship, mentoring, etc.

    …There’s so much resistance in the bureaucracy of education that is in place right now – that’s why it would have to be a “magic wish” that makes the change.

  3. So, I would definitely choose first to do something amazing to help people. But if it’s a question of “extreme” sports, I would do what these guys do…more or less flying like a bird for a minute or so. This takes base jumping and skydiving to a new level.


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