Friday day in the life – L’Appartement – apartments in Paris

If you missed it –> Last week’s “day in the life” – Les Bises – French kissing in France 😉

Remember you can click on the “CC” button for subtitles in many languages 😉

9 responses to “Friday day in the life – L’Appartement – apartments in Paris

  1. Lol, funny vid – happy friday !

  2. funny video! just to take the defense of Paris, we have no cockroach compared to US appartments and you can also complete your sushis with sweet “croissants au beurre” :-))))

    • nice! and I made sure to put in the comment at the end because as much fun as I poke, I love living here (or I wouldn’t live here ;D) and I’m not a huge fan of croissants, but I DO love french flan 🙂

  3. Ha! This must have been beat up France day:

    Great video Michelle!

    • no way! lol i love france! i just poke fun 😉 (i SAW your article though – they don’t have good bacon I think unless you go in an American restaurant (although some will def disagree) but they DO have “lardons” – little chopped up bits of bacon 🙂

  4. Why do I want one of these all of a sudden…small apt in France, that is. I’m clostro so it would never work…be sure the guest bed is Thermarest Supreme Extra Long…and no matter what the instructions say, over-inflate

    Really cool .

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