Day in the life – Le maquillage

I have found. THE. FRENCH. SECRET.

…and unfortunately this comes at a somewhat unopportune moment as Mr. Guerlain, a descendant of the founder of the famous LVMH house, replied recently in an interview “For once, I’ve begun working as hard as a black. I don’t know if black people ever worked as hard, but I mean..”

Clearly causing a (must justified) uproar in France.

Nevertheless…… I didn’t have time to film another video lol

And the jackass descendant has nothing to do with their makeup.

thank goodness.

4 responses to “Day in the life – Le maquillage

  1. I just looove the reference to Death becomes her !!
    I’m french and actually I wasn’t aware of this secret so thanks for sharing ! ^^

    • I love that movie!! 😀 and I thought it was great as soon as the saleslady started explaining she stopped and went – “do you speak French?” as in : “clearly if you don’t know Guerlain, you can’t can’t can’t be French”

  2. Ahah, to be honest, in my mind, Guerlain is more like an old lady make up brand 😛
    Well, no, not so old… but you know it is a sophisticated and expensive brand so I have to admit I would rather take a look at cheaper brands.
    (and after all, we also have L’oréal in the french make up legacy ! ^^)

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