Cool thing geek (or not) – My Little Paris

In a city like Paris there are always so many things to do and see that sometimes it’s actually quite easy to just get a bit lost in it all. I sometimes use sites like Sortir à Paris,, and Facebook/Twitter to know what’s going on, or what’s good to do, but one other handy thing is the Parisian newsletter My Little Paris.

I thought for sure everyone knew this thing existed (especially before I would!) but discovered last week that none of the girls at my office had heard of it! Of course it’s not just for girls, but it sure is fancy to look at 🙂 And probably (no yeah it is) the only newsletter I always read.

Three times a week you get suggestions on the coolest places to go and things to see/do that are always out of the ordinary and usually not well known.
For example:

Whether you’re an American in Paris or a Parisian in Paris, it’s great suggestions every time.

You can also like it on Facebook (check) and download the iPhone app (check) ;D
and check out the story behind the newsletter by my girl Roxanne 🙂

(Yes, it’s in French. Go go gadget google translate)


7 responses to “Cool thing geek (or not) – My Little Paris

  1. I love it – This needs to be in every city

  2. I love that site! I’m so glad they’ve got a book coming out! Hopefully in time for Christmas…

  3. catherinetranslates

    Thank you Michelle! Just posted my letter to the North Pole.

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