A day in the (Parisian) life – Le chocolat

Parisian chocolate is just not the same as American chocolate…especially when it comes in your size and with matching high heels

A special thanks to Xavier Leboulanger and Baileys for letting me get to see the fashion show – I felt like Charlie in Willy Wonka!

And thank you to Genaro Bardy not only for letting me get to see the Salon du Chocolat, but also my parents and their friend, Dave. They ate more chocolate than could fit in Noah’s Ark, I think.

When I have a moment this weekend I’ll put up all of the videos from the salon that I took, I just knew a 10-minute video would be horribly shoot me I don’t care long 😉

11 responses to “A day in the (Parisian) life – Le chocolat

  1. Super…I am on a good mood for the day (at least until I met my students at 12:30…)

    Now that you fell in love with French chocolate (as I did a long time ago), discover what horrible things are in store for this sooooo delicious thing :


  2. Love your reaction to “white chocolate” haha!


  3. Your blog is so good, I am having great fun and I am gonna follow you. Nice to keep in touch this way, 🙂 and of course, love chocolate!!
    Marina from SEMO 😉

  4. Just a quick word to advise you of this blog, written by Lauranie, a chocolate addict who created l’Esprit Chocolat, an agency which organises events around chocolate : http://espritchocolat.blogspot.com/

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  7. Just found you…and I like it!

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