The Uniqlo Idea that will make you a millionaire..maybe

For a kind of geeky, I’ve-thought-too-much-about-this post idea that is definitely veering towards the girly:

As it’s getting far far chillier out for those of us NOT basking on beautiful far-off beaches, it’s hard not to think about having a huge comfy coat that buttons up to your eyeballs and has an electric heater to keep you warm while you wait for the bus. Well, at least for me anyway.

And ONE coat that I happened to see happens to look really really cool. The Uniqlo “ultralight” coat that weighs only 206 grams (less than half a pound), meaning you can squnch it all up into a mini ball and keep it in your bag for :

  • rapid-fire snowpocalypses
  • driving home on a scooter
  • bringing home the stray kitten on the corner    **meow**
  • just for kicks and because it’s super super warm

I actually would buy this coat in a heartbeat if it weren’t for one thing : it looks like the Michelin man fell in a pile of painted goo that magically made him hollow and airy.


Can someone please just design an OVERcoat – you know like for a comforter? – that goes AROUND the most horrendously ugly yet sauna warm coat to make it nice and pretty.


automagically becomes

Fashiontoast winter coat

You make it in super light material so we can still stuff it into a tiny ball, plus it costs you nothing, plus you charge $40/40€.

Boom. Millionaire. You’re welcome.

ALSO. If you want to send me multiple free samples, just to try it out and make sure it’ll really work, I suppose I’ll have to say yes.


thanks to Rumi Neely for the winter coat pic

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