5 reasons why Dropbox is freakin’ amazing

1. It’s free

2. It’s as if I took big huge files from my computer, and copied and pasted them to yours. That means pictures, videos, etc.

3. You can send up to 2G without having a pro account (and for every friend who joins Dropbox, they’ll give you both 250MB of bonus space –> go for it)

4. It’s way faster than any other FTP (file transfer program) I’ve seen

5. It’s almost holiday time and I want my family to send me lots and lots of pictures.

The only thingI haven’t figured out yeti s why EVERYBODY doesn’t have it yet, hence this post.

Get. Dropbox.

So I can send you big huge files from my computer.

With love,


PS If there are any other reasons you have why Dropbox is FREAKIN AMAZING. please leave them below 🙂

7 responses to “5 reasons why Dropbox is freakin’ amazing

  1. … because I was able to install it on my office computer without having to struggle with our ICT dept!

    … because I finally have a place to collect images for taking a piss at friends on Facebook and such 🙂

  2. though I do think Dropbox is a great service, i recently came across sugar sync and it seems to offer a better value for the money (free) including 5gb vs 2 gb of storage 🙂

  3. Because once you’ve install Dropbox on your PC, you can use your virtual space like any other folder, copy, drag and drop files. It’s so easy! No need to think FTP or open a web app…
    My only regret is that you can’t manage multiple Dropbox folders/accounts (at least not on Mac, I think there is a trick for PCs), which is a shame as many of us have a professional Dropbox account for business collaboration and a personal one for family and friend sharing…

  4. I prefer ZumoDrive because you can sync every folder on your machine, no need to use a dedicated one.
    It’s also more simple to share datas with others.

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