Twitteur — A French view of Twitter

And first I have to apologize to my non-francophone friends that follow me on Twitter and have to put up with my half-English, half-French tweets (and then I have to point out that there IS a translating option on Seesmic ..and Tweetdeck and CoTweet-although CoTweet’s translations can be a bit iffy but that’s beside the point )

….although I do think Twitter should always be made into a bit of a party

In any case, 37 different authors coming from very different fields came together for a 2nd French version of Twitter, including 11 interviews as well (and trust me when I say that all of these authors are well-known in France 🙂  — it is a huge honor to be among them).

Unfortunately while writing this I discovered that you can’t take the text from underneath the slideshare presentation like you usually can for presentations in foreign languages and plug it into Google Translate to at least get a flavor of the thing..

So, try out your French a bit and check out these authors in the meantime and if needs be grab a couple sections and GO GO Google Translate 🙂 and check out these authors :

And also in-depth interviews of :
Jean-Marc Manach, journalist, instructor, author and blogs at Bug Brother
Johan Hufnagel, lead editor and co-founder of

Interviewees :

Lire la suite:
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial

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