Tuesday geek : Taking pictures while live bodyboarding

For some reason I feel like everyone has heard of this app, but i just recently took ti the iPhone app


Easy-to-use, cool filters, and wickedly easy to share in a couple of spots at once (like my very flowerful birthday yesterday! :D)

The only downside is it doesnt srem as though you can store photos for later, so unless you plan on posting it right then, tough luck buster.

Charles Liebert also tipped me off to


which, although cheap, ill admit im waiting until im going to use it to download it because i know myself and otherwise it’ll get arbitrarily deleted because ill have forgotten that i paid for it. It looks groovy though– creating vids on your iPhone and in a pretty high-tech way.

Thank you, iPhone

And finally, but dear goodness definitely not least, Matt lepar shared the


So if i havent watched TV in eons except when “someone” decides to dust off yhe remote, i can now watch LIVE BODYBOARDING thanks to Redbull. Seriously, until you watch their competition i thought bodyboarding equaled “i cant surf but i can lie on a board which is super swell” , and then redbull enters and theyre flying upside down and f you and get out of the water if you cant do a triple spin over that wave while waving hi to ma.

Any other apps to share?? 🙂

3 responses to “Tuesday geek : Taking pictures while live bodyboarding

  1. Belated Happy Birthday! Always enjoy reading your posts and watching the videos – very entertaining and very well done.

  2. Oh dear!
    How could I possibly miss to your birthday????
    OK better later than never:

    PS: You’re not one year older, but one year wiser!

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