Paris Paris n°5 When geeks need a day off

Being a geek is hard. You’re hunched over all day over your desk, balanced on a Swiss balance ball, living off of coffee and more coffee, and everybody needs a day off once in awhile.

It’s been awhile since I’ve contributed to the (written) part of my blog “living in Paris,” but this afternoon I discovered why I needed to yesterday : massages, yoga, massages..

Do I really need to insist on why this is fabulous ?

No worries

If you’re in Paris or making the trip over, the Espace Osada is having an open-doors February 4th and 5th which means 10€ for any of the workshops and 30€ for any of the personal services, like…massages !!! 😀
I’ve never been there before but a friend is giving Thai massages on Saturday (he’s gone to study Thai massage every year for awhile now, and I got to test an oil massage. The only down point – I fell ASLEEP for 3 minutes and couldn’t believe I had missed 3 minutes of pure heaven.)

They also have workshops and personal sessions to discover sophrology, an interesting technique that I hadn’t heard of before moving to France but that seems..interesting. According to Wikipedia (because Wikipedia is always 100% unfalteringly true), sophrology is “a personal development method that is designed to reduce stress and promote mental and physical well-being, through easy-to-do mental and physical exercises that can be done any time anywhere.”

BONUS : There are also workshops and personal sessions for shiatsu — because who doesn’t want to be able to heal having a few too many Thursday/Friday-night mojitos by pressing on their big toe ?

So who else is going then ? See you soon? 🙂

Find the program through here


2 responses to “Paris Paris n°5 When geeks need a day off

  1. lol 😀

    I didn’t know that was a cure for too many mojitos. . .I’m gonna try it next time!


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