A day in the life – the Superbowl in Paris

I’m baaaaack. And feeling the black and gold.

Should you be living in Paris, some of us have figured out where we can actually watch the match. There are a couple of American bars showing it including the Players, in the 2nd arrondissement. Join a Superbowl in Paris Facebook group that I may have set up just for this Sunday if you want to come with ; rendez-vous is at midnight because, well, it is Sunday night after all…and the métro will be closes if you decide to come later than that.

ALSO ! I can’t believe I completely forgot in the video but of COURSE the whole advertising thing. The budgets spent on Superbowl ads are ridicules.

Feel free to post tour Steelers encouragement below.

Take a glance back at the past “a day in the life videos”

and leave your comments below — which team are you rooting for?


UPDATE – Jersey received !!!!

I. Have. the BEST boyfriend in the world that surprised me with a Steelers’ jersey ! He found the ONLY small Steelers jersey in Paris!


10 responses to “A day in the life – the Superbowl in Paris

  1. Bad News Michelle…

    Most of the internet universe is chatting about GB and in the last four years that metric alone has determined the winner… so GB wins by internet metrics. The good news is the Haslam family (of Knoxville) and Mark Schaffer (of Knoxville) have considerable interest in Pittsburgh… so you have that going for you (in Paris)! Mention it!

  2. Just because the whole place is pro-Steelers, I’ll support the underdogs. Go Packeeeeeers!!! LOL


  4. Actually, by internet Metrics, the Steelers win. Typically, whichever Quarterback gets more searches will lose… It’s a good thing Big Ben has been quiet lately 😉

  5. well i live near paris and i’ll be watching it again (like every year) but the thing that annoys me the most is that US ads are usually replaced by some french stupid ads…and that’s crappy :-/

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