Tuesday cool thing geek : video blogging materials

Seeing as I rarely do a post about what I actually use for filming and editing my videos but spend a lot of time looking at what other people do, I thought I’d finally write a post about what I use (that may get added to the “about” page after the request of a reader 🙂 and also thank all the other vloggers for their help. I’m just in the beginning and learning so much all of the time from all of the video-making/podcasting/directing/filming/etc experts that I get to meet and chat with. So here goes on my side, just to get yours after 😉

First things first : SOUND.

Both Cedric and Cyrille said, “there’s no point in making a video if you don’t have good sound. No one will watch it”
Thank you for that advice. Since then I invested in an Azden SM-2 and Zoom H2 thanks to

Steve Garfield – great test of the Azden SGM-2X shotgun microphone — unfortunately I found out AFTER ordering that you have to order the cable and/or the wireless set-up directly from Azden or you’ll end up walking a half hour in central London during a conference trying to find a cable…my bad..
Matthieu Blanco – his test of the Zoom H2 microphone convinced me in a second that it was my microphone to be

I did discover through trial and error that when filming in a meeting room like I do for Synthesio’s MonitorChat videos (plug? maybe, but not really because I use the same materials I do for that as I do for the Observing Participant videos) that the Zoom H2 catches all of the echo, which is why I invested in an

AKG C417L mini-mic

that is JUST BEAUTIFUL (check here tomorrow to see for yourself — video on community management that I filmed yesterday).

It sounds just like a pro microphone and is omnidirectional, meaning that you can turn your head while you’re speaking (or head bang or whatever) and it’ll get ALL of it.

As for what I film with, I’ve tried just about everything.

The first videos were with my webcam, like what seems to be the same for pretty much every vlogger, followed quickly by a Flip cam thanks to Mark Schaefer‘s belief in me!
(Long story short, he loved my videos and wanted to pay me to make one for his business’s blog ; I felt uncomfortable about it for some reason, after all I wasn’t and am not a pro vlogger, but after reflection asked him if he could get me a Flip cam instead of paying me. That way he’d get a video, and I’d get a tool that — little did I know — would help me make more of my hobby)

The Flip was great until…. I wanted to plug in a microphone (going back to the sound issue).

After the Flip came the Kodak Zi-8.

Thanks to Thomas Clément for your video comparison of the Kodak Zi-8 and Flip !

The Kodak is still a great camera and I use both it and the Flip, but after a super cool dude I know bought a

Sony Nex-5 and Canon 500D

I wanted to launch myself into filming with a camera à la Gaetan Roussel.

VIDEO BREAK for a video I could watch over and over, for the sound AND the image

I discovered though, that putting your video filmed from a camera onto Final Cut Express or Pro because it will take you EIGHT HOURS to render before you can even start editing. Aaaand once you edit, you’ll still have to render every time.

The 2 best troubleshooting solutions I’ve found so far are :

1 – MPEG Streamclip

Add the video, export as a Quicktime movie under the Apple Intermediate Codec.

After editing in Final Cut Express or Pro, export as a DV file, and export from the MPEG Streamclip as an Mpeg4

It’s a couple extra steps, but has sped up the rendering process two-fold.

2 – Screenflow for Mac (sorry PCs…)

A tip from Matthieu Blanco that does this for his TechReview videos where there’s things popping up every 2 seconds and the video is 40 minutes long every time. If you’re not using a green screen, just add the video to Screenflow and go 🙂

Here’s the best part — what’s your workflow, materials, and tips???? 🙂

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