Wednesday dance break – the TWINS

For those of you that don’t know them, I’m sorry for you. And for those of you that do, I hope you’re already standing up and ready to break it down with the magical dance duo that will make you WIIIIISH you had hips that could move so good all while drinking a vanilla smoothie.

The Twins are what you get when you cross dance and awesome and split it in two

Here they take on Lil’O & Tyger B from the U.S. (the Twins are from France – yeeaaah — although actually they have been in the U.S. They were on Ellen.)

The first ever video that let me truly discover the Twins. Their stint in San Diego.
8 minutes of pure my mouth is open and it will stay open for all. 8. minutes.

Happy wednesday, all. Keep on keepin’ on

Ah! And before I forget!

I DID post a video last Friday, I just didn’t talk about it that much seeing as there were much more important things going on last Friday…

But if you have a minute, I found out new inventive ways to take a weekend vacation 😉

Take care, everyone.


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