Spending a night at the Shangri La Hotel in Paris

Hello! and Happy Friday

Sorry I didn’t have time to put sub-titles yet, I can do it this weekend, but in the meantime you might understand why (this was filmed this morning before our 38€ Continental breakfasts at the Shangri La Hotel in Paris – thanks LinkedIn!)

Who knew? I thought you got a job with LinkedIn, not a night at the most beautiful hotel in Paris. Goes to show, expect the unexpected 😉

The other day in the life videos are here 😉

Photos after the break


8 responses to “Spending a night at the Shangri La Hotel in Paris

  1. Your excellent, love you guys, you bring me so much fun, keep on smiling !!

  2. With yours it is the 2nd post about this Linkedin Party 😛

    Greetings from a mexican in Paris 😛

  3. WOW!!! how can one get invites to those Linked In parties????

  4. Soooooo Jealous! You’ve got a perma-smile going on through the whole video. Hope you guys had a great time! Just got back from SXSW in Austin and between that and seeing the wether in Paris I’m so over the weather here in NY!

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