A day in the life – California dreaming


It seems like forever since I wrote on my blog, but it’s just that the past 2 weeks spent in California were amaaazing
Just to recap, the voyage went

San Francisco > Karmel > Monterey > Santa Barbara > Santa Monica > San Diego > Monument Valley > Grand Canyon(ish) > Petrified Wood National Forest (Arizona) > Cardiff by the Sea & Encinitas

Along the way, here are some things we discovered :

The California Wine Tour Bus !

OK, I’ll admit, I’m not sure I would ever want to go on a tour again and be forced to sit with the same people for more than 24 hours and have a group decide where I’m going. However, I will give you that having a bus to drive you around while you sip on wine is not a bad idea…

Radio Stations are impossible to find in Utah

And once you do…it’s no the best music ever..

Tumbleweeds are not actually that much fun nor unprickly

and finally…

Baby ducks are hardcore

One of the mama ducks at the San Diego Zoo had flown away from her chicks that were desperately trying to find her. They kept hearing her but couldn’t fly out (obviously) to where she was, so they just followed her call…

Sidenote — thanks to Floriane for letting me test the Kodak PlaySport video camera! It was super fun and I’d say is good quality. One thing I noticed was that when I dove into the water with it the microphone muted which left the videos with a weird sound when you popped up, but the image even on zoomed images was clear. THANKS 🙂

It’s good to be back!
But just to keep the good vibes flowing, here’s the song we kept putting on the whole trip.

Take a second, tip your chair back, turn up your speakers, and feel the sun

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