Jumping around (literally) California ;)

2 weeks spent in California simply flew by… and apparently some are better at jumping than others. But let’s not let that get us down. We all have our own special talents. Like…making snow cones… or testing fire extinguishers..

It makes you realize though that sometimes Americans just really do work too hard..for that matter, any people of any country can work too hard..

I’ve got some new projects in the works, and new ideas for videos being filmed this weekend, so stay tuned, take some time for yourself, get some sun, and have a great weekend 🙂

psssst while waiting you can take a look back at the other “day in a life” videos 😀

4 responses to “Jumping around (literally) California ;)

  1. Nice video 🙂

    i’m a big fan of the music. Seems to be sung in Creole.

    Have a good weekend 😉

  2. “Akiyo”, this is the name of the band.
    Atypical choice.

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