World peace, hugs, and the #140Conf in NYC

Sometimes everybody just needs a hug. And no, I promise, I will NOT get all squishy gushy on you although I very well could so WATCH IT

**for first time visitors, I have been known to be mildly schizophrenic. It’s what brings the goodness**

In any case, every since I moved to Paris and realized :

  1. How cold Paris can be sometimes — and I’m not talking about the temperature
  2. How much I miss the physical and yes, spiritual warmth that you get from a hug
I have become convinced that if there were more hugs in the world…it just might be the answer to world peace.
Those of you that have been here before may have seen a video I did talking about this very dear to my heart subject (this way, if you haven’t 😉 ),
and now I get to go share this idea with everyone going to the 140Conf in New York City June 15-16 !!

Heard of it?

As far as I knew “140” was reserved for text messages and that service..thingy..that lets you talk with people via interwebs..but apparently


is a “conference” that has a large list of speakers, each with only about 7 minutes of stage time. Meaning :

  • no boring powerpoints (there’s not enough time)
  • 2 days of people from all over the world
  • enormously different but interesting topics
  • a fast-paced conference that might seem as all over the place as Twitter has made some of us
Sounds perfect, no? 🙂

If you’re going to be in or around NYC June 15/16 APRIL 29TH is the last date to get an “early bird” ticket 

The entire #140Conf schedule, organized by Jeff Pulver, is here and it looks like the 2 days are going to be PACKED



3 responses to “World peace, hugs, and the #140Conf in NYC

  1. Congrats on speaking at the 140 Conf Michelle! I’m hoping to attend as well, if all goes well with my work travel schedule – so may see you there!

    • Thanks and COOL! Have you ever gone before? A friend told me about it and I’ve heard of it from others, but never been myself! See you soon then — finally!

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