Ycare is awesome!!

I hope everyone has had a good week and is ready to enjoy the sunshine this weekend (or whatever there is of sunshine near you)

I have to admit, I had an idea all planned out and then…came Thursday night. And nothing. Nada. Except a simple wish to disconnect for the weekend and tell everyone to do the same. Grab a mojito and head to a park, or a beach, or anywhere where there’s fresh air and not a screen between you and someone else.

And then…I got a personal message  from Ycare

And of couuuuurse I started searching and I find out not only does Ycare have a really fun style

he has WAY TOO MUCH fun while he’s doing it!!

Check it out 😀

I mean – – who else goes to a field of ducks to sing about a Pink Duck? 😀
Only someone that has to be super cool, that’s who


And I’m SUPER stoked that I get to meet this guy ! He clearly has a ton of fun doing what he’s doing, sharing it with everyone, and just being himself next week. Thank you thank you thank you Thierry and Christian and of course YCARE. What a way to be welcomed to Paris 🙂

Also — I (clearly) went & found out that you can stalk Ycare here, herehere, hereand here.

Happy stalking 🙂 Just keep it safe, folks

And happy weekend!!!

Musical Bonus

Not only did Ycare manage to get girls to do an aerobic class workout while he sang (dear Lord, if ever some dude decides it’s a good and fun idea for someone to take one of these classes….I will ask him to please point me to the nearest rock-climbing wall. Amen)

They LOVED it ;D (check out the looks on their faces)

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