DSK – just one big…big..misunderstanding

I’ve figured out what’s really going on with Dominique Strauss-Kahn and why he hasn’t been able to get the sexual healing. It’s just one big cultural misunderstanding….

Other American in Paris confessions are here 😉

Happy Monday

(and yes! I’ve changed to posting videos on Monday now xx)


8 responses to “DSK – just one big…big..misunderstanding

  1. Fantastic !

    Should Dominique Strauss-Kahn need a Community Manager, he should contact you.

    Except that, the next time a French man will visit US, he will hear : “A French man is coming, lock up your daughters, your sisters and your mother too. And think twice about leaving grandma’ out”.

    • His case was just an extreme version. All in all I’m all for French PDA. It’s true that there is a much more serious issue here, though, with regards to sexual harassment cases etc. that I didn’t want to get into but *are, *for a fact, more prevalent than in France because of how serious we take certain comments or actions

  2. Qu’est-ce que c’est, ça ?

    I went to the French version of this post to try and understand it, and I get “se guérir”, but not “sexual healing”…

  3. 82 année érotique

  4. DSK plus chaud que Roco Siffredi…

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