Tribeca : Make Extreme Jump Roping the Documentary ! :D

For those of you that saw my foray into an unknown world a few weeks back — the world of Extreme Jump Roping, you may not have understood why the last 5 seconds said  (to avoid being discrete) :

Please vote for Extreme Jump Roping. The Documentary.

It’s to say I hope you like this idea for a short film. Please vote for me if you do by clicking on this link –> Make Extreme Jump Roping a reality

For those of you that may be sceptic, I would like to share with you a couple of layers of the onion of extreme jump roping.

1. Six Ways to Jump Rope Like a Champ

Learn how to do some of the more basic and more complicated tricks. Full descriptions (for those who dare) are here

Basic hop
Backward hop
Cross hop
Hop step plus cross hop
Ali shuffle

2. Some people are so extreme, their dogs jump extreme jump ropes


3. Or the US Naval Academy Performance Kings Firecracker

These girls are ridiculous.  in a good way

So, in sum,

please vote for my video to go to Tribeca

so that extreme jump roping may be brought to the masses

Also, please feel free to contribute to the newly created Extreme Jump Roping gallerey below in the comments section


4 responses to “Tribeca : Make Extreme Jump Roping the Documentary ! :D

  1. “These girls are ridiculous. in a good way”

    Or maybe… These girls are good… In a ridiculous way.

  2. You’re totally crazy!

    I like that!

    Jump roping, the parkour of the future!

    Sounds good!

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