The sickest dub step ever [RAF Crew] and the Longboard Girl crew

Sent to me from a friend : some RAF Crew and Swaggers dancers

Happy Wednesday 😉

Show : “La Preuve Par 4” à l’Hotel de Ville de Paris au Préselection du Juste Debout 2010
Chregrapher: Marvin Gofin (R.A.F Crew)
Dancers: Marion Motin (Swaggers, Quality Street), Julie Moreau (Swaggers), Nicolas Medea (R.A.F Crew) et Marvin Gofin (R.A.F Crew)
Music by Raphaël Judrin aKa SoFly

I found them on Facebook (I think) here

Bonus : la chicas de Longboard Girls Crew


Carving the Mountains from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.

Find them here :​longboardgc


Have an awesome week


12 responses to “The sickest dub step ever [RAF Crew] and the Longboard Girl crew

  1. Hey ! Thanks for sharing that 😉 So, another link for an xtrem sport girrrl like you. A longboard girly crew, nice pictures, nice atmosphere :

    Have a good day !

  2. ooooh Lord.
    i am loving your blog and video. I’m an Indonesian who speaks english and currently learning French. But my French is still…..not fluent enough to go to France ;p
    keep on writing, you really inspired me 😀

  3. Hello! I just discovered your videos on youtube and came on your website! I wanted to say I love what you do!

    but these dub step guys and girls… They are geniusly INSANE 😀

    Forgive me for my approximative english, I’m belgian so I might make a lot of mistakes and misuses!

    Have a good night!


  4. I’m frenchspeaker, but I also can speak flemish (not as good as french but… 😀 ), not like a bunch of “wallons”!

    After I posted my comment yesterday, I watched La Chicas de longboard… They are ultra-awesome 😀 That’s probably one of the best longboard video I’ve ever seen… (Plus they are pretty (most of them))! the music is just perfect,… I love it!
    You are from USA or England? What do you think of Paris?

  5. I only went twice in my life to but I keep a very good memory! except it often smells… bad 😀 urine, etc (Montparnasse, for example)… But since that, I’ve been living in Louvain-la-Neuve, Headcity of studentparties, beer and everything that goes along… so now, I might find Paris smell like flowers everywhere, I don’t know!

    I’d want to go to USA someday!

  6. That’s a really beautiful place… And la place montmartre, le quartier des artistes… That’s a really pleasant atmosphere!

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