Wine tasting as it should be

For the kickass Chateau that I was talking about, head over to :

Le Chatelet Château
33 330 Saint Emilion

Patrick is who we talked with and ordered mucho mucho wine from 😉

CHEERS! and Happy Monday

PS To say “hell yes” to a possible wine tasting party in Paris the Facebook page is this way ;D


16 responses to “Wine tasting as it should be

  1. Ah, the whole subject of buying wine in France! This was what happened when we tried buying it in a Parisian supermarket:

  2. Oh PUtAIN le Wine Tasting thing !! :))) hahaha
    Come here in Luxembourg for the Mosel wines ! They taste = they drink 😉 Cheers …

  3. Putain de vidéo! I’m addicted to your blog! And F yes for the wine tasting!

  4. Michelle!
    This video just made me wanna watch Sideways again! (with a glass of wine, obviously).


  5. haha nice! You should have gone to my uncle’s (small… ok super small) chateau in Pomerol , between St Emilion and Bordeaux. He always complains nobody comes to taste 🙂

    PS: people are more friendly in the Medoc 😉

  6. tu devrais gouter le jura !! c’est pas pareil que le Bordeaux, mais certains valent le détour !
    Super blog ! Je connais pas depuis longtemps mais ça à l’air Awesome !!

  7. What a great discovery you are! I’ve been living here for 20 years and besides never having been to Bordeaux, I’ve never said the word “putain.” C vrai. Do you know the natural wine vague that is sweeping the French nation? MR

  8. Next Time try “la route du Champagne”, they’re way more business oriented, sounds more like “Universal Studio”. You won’t regret and will get back drunk for sure.

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