Only in NYC (& Day 1 at the #140Conf ;) )

This week has been great visiting New York City.


Unfortunately, I missed the morning of the #140Conf and some apparent “French-bashing”, but the afternoon was really great! I’m speaking this morning at 9:50 and you can catch the live stream here :

One of my faaavorite was Monte Farber, a psychic that particularly answers questions about stock questions on Twitter in less than 140 characters. As the official #140Conf psychic, he also declared that :

Facebook will last longer than Google.

the end of the world in 2012 is “the creation of crazy white men”

Another one to check out is Mark Horvath of Invisible People. He’s using social media to make having a home a reality for homeless people. Check out hisvideos here and their tweets at Invisible People.

Also, Jeff is officially looking for speakers for the #140Conf 2012. If you have an idea or something that you’re passionate about — pitch him!

only in New york…

Just for reminders, I’m not from New York the CITY, and everytime I come here there are just things that strike me as being uniquely … NEW YORK 🙂 :

Only in New York City….

–> during a 40-minute run can you see space invader on the Williamsburg Bridge, an old lady pulling a cart of soda cans, an ephigy of Kate & William spray painted across a wall with “peace and love for the world” written underneath and a 4-pound maltese/terrier/chihuahua mix puppy that I almost stole an ran home with.

I had the running shoes on. She did not.

Unfortunately I’ve brought a puppy overseas before and the paperwork would just take too long.

–> do they have FREE WIFI IN PARKS. This was just announced yesterday and has to be one of the coolest things since Pop Rocks. Actually we do in Paris, too, but hey, I’m glad you’re catching up NYC 😉

–> do they have a ferris wheel INSIDE a Toys ‘R’ Us store :

–> do they have some of the best graffiti ever

–> can you see Batman on his motorcycle

–> can you take a BUS taxi

–> do the have a CUPCAKE TRUCK !!!!!!! (that you can follow on Twitter 😉 )

–> do I realize that I really belong to the French and European social media scenes. I miss you, Paris 😉


4 responses to “Only in NYC (& Day 1 at the #140Conf ;) )

  1. And Paris is missing you!

  2. It’s too good not to follow the cupcake truck!

  3. Of course, u’re realizing, come on ! (she says that with cupcakes in one hand and taking a pic of batman from the bus taxi! :)) … thanks for sharing this moments !! NYC should be GREAT, Putain !! :)) (ok ok I stop with the Putain now, ok. sorry. won’t do it again.)

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