Scooter wannabes UNITE

If you’ver dreamed of owning a scooter and feeling the wind whipping through your helmet and not dying or ending up in the emergency room (true story), this confession is for you.

I’m still working on the helmet beauty blog thing but in the meantime, you can say hey over on the


Happy Monday 🙂


update : paris has nothing on taipei

update #2 : you can practice on a rocking vespa

Thank you, Freddy, for filling my soul with joy. Other pictures of the rocking wonder are here   

update #3 : heritage helmets

Victor just sent me a link to heritage helmets 🙂 MOVE OVER AUSTIN POWERS







17 responses to “Scooter wannabes UNITE

  1. Oh my god ! Your helmet is biggest than you ! Great vid 🙂
    I have the same problem with motocycles. My precious motocycle… so far and at the same time, so close…

  2. I’m a scooter wannabe toooooo!!! I only rode a scooter once, a scooter taxi in Bangkok, with no helmet, 70 km/h at 6am, luckily there was no traffic and I held on to the taxi driver and just screeeeeamed all the way.

    I soooo want a scooter. But I don’t wanna die out there in the traffic. I tried cycling and then I couldn’t sleep all night because the traffic in London is soooo scary. I had nightmares of evil double-decker buses whizzing past me trying to kill me. But hoooooo, the freedom!!! The ultimate freedom. Until you die.

    Vespa, that’s the one you want. They’re sooo cute.

    P.S. Love your videos.

    • oh my bajeezus, how are you still in one piece. I thought of a Vespa (pretty much because it’s the only brand I DO know, but they’re really expensive and not worth it… they are cute though 😉 )

  3. Susan Geffroy

    Dear. Dear dear. Puleeeese DO NOT get a scooter. Consider that NOT GETTING A SCOOTER is a permanent Father’s Day and Mother’s Day gift to your parents. And a permanent birthday gift to your self. I live in Paris and I am terrified by the moto and scooter people. I am American. I am 60 years old. I want you to live at least that long. I am sure you do not have the necessary French DNA to survive on a scooter. You are American. You are ment to drive … a huge car … or maybe even a Hummer (one switched to biofuels or maybe solar powered) … with a lot of steel and many; many airbags. Many. Airbags all over the place. Airbags everywhere. Maybe even one placed just so it poofs up when a moto bounces off your Hummer’s hood and lands in your lap. No. Scooters! Repeating: No. Scooters, NO! OK? Kisses to you!

    • oh no I couldn’t get a hummer. They hurt my eyes and all living things around them every time I look at them. There must be soooome safe way to drive one… And Susan — thank you for caring so much you’re so sweet 🙂

  4. It’s funny that the last picture has been taken in Taiwan. Taiwan is basically THE country of the scooter, 14M scooters for 23M habitants (in a country not bigger than Holland). Here you can see crazy stuff (such as two dogs, but also 4 to 5 people…etc)

    I’ve drived in Paris but Taipei…is something else :

    That’s mainly why my mom want me to sell it!

  5. “… oh no I couldn’t get a hummer.” That’s what she said. 😀 Heh.

    Ummm sorry ’bout that up there, but I got it out of my system now! *whew* 😉

    I’m lovin’ the Helmet Beauty on you, and am eagerly awaiting the Helmet Beauty Tips! Not that I am intending on wearing one, I am just curious.

    I’d rather die than ride on a scooter in Paris. Just sayin’. ‘Cause you are right: you could DIE on one of those. But they do have a huge sexy-factor, I must say, so you just knock your little scooter lovin’ head off (hopefully not literally) with the Scooter Love. 🙂

    Thank you for another wonderful laugh! Sharing this one with my peeps now.


  6. I love this video 🙂 You’re the best.

    Don’t think about death, it’s useless. You must live each day like it’s the last. Buy a scooter and enjoy it!

    Greetings from Belgium!

  7. Oh Michelle… you’ve added fire n humor 2 my life 😉

    FIRE: I tweeted your “learn french in a word” and a bunch of ‘older’ french twitter friends were upset… now i’m bloggin to pick up the pieces… and it involves zebras mating and why dirty words aren’t really that dirty…. alas.

    HUMOR: Alright, seriously, you are funny (with like extra Ns… NNNNeee). When you hitting the stage ?

    Lastly, I ride around Pareee on my vélo and it is certainly a bit risqué from ze time to time, but such a cool way to see ze town. Cheers, brad

    • PLEASE send me the post with zebras it sounds amazing. And I am HONORED to have shaken up some bitties; you shouldnt get “comfortable” until you die after alll 😉 …you dont have to forward that message !


      Sent from my iPhone

  8. I’ve seen some videos of Travis Pastrana. It’s AMAZING!! How is it possible to do that kind of things? I’m impressed by people who can do incredible things.
    I don’t think about death, but I’m not able to jump out of a plane without any parachute! If he can do it, I think that you can ride a scooter without any danger.

    P.S. : I love your last video. Another great video.

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