Spoontrip.com — Eat your way through Paris! Or any city!

If you haven’t subscribed to the blog Springwise Trendwatching, do that first. Next, discover Spoontrip, one of their latest recommendations :

Spoontrip supplies travelers with local links worldwide, using gastronomy as an entry point into a culture. Offers are added and managed on the site by the providers themselves. These passionate professionals are proud of their products and eager to provide travelers with a unique experience.

Naturally, I typed Paris and found a TON of really cool suggestions – like a cooking class for making Whoopie Pies!!!

something for everyone

Although I’m not a vegan, I have to say I enjoy the veg and fish and such, and vegan plates always interest me. (actually one of my super favorite restaurants in Paris is Tien Hiang, a vegetarian Chinese place that’s not expensive and reaaaaaally good — even my meat-loving Brazilian friends loved it)

sooooo COOL to find a Vegan Brunch thing!

wine workshop !

For those of you following my recent (unwined) trip through Bordeaux, I was pretty psyched to find out I can take a wine workshop in Barcelona when I’ll be there in July… mmmmm

Has anyone tried this???

It’s all around the world and I kiiind of want to try it everywhere 🙂 Sadly…there is nothing yet for Utica, NY..

You can get in touch with them and make your own suggestions at contact@spoontrip.com.

I also found them on Twitter and Facebook 😉

Bon appétit and Happy Wednesday 😉


4 responses to “Spoontrip.com — Eat your way through Paris! Or any city!

  1. WTF is a whoopie pie ?? is it related to our friend the whoopie cushion ?
    Do you have to sit on it ? Do you eat it backwards ?? (yes you know what I mean…yuck!) ;o)

    Please elaborate because I’m really really interested. :o)

  2. Did I really sound that thick ? 😀
    I had eventually figured it out … 😉
    Thanks for the reply. 🙂

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